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It's about supremacy, being top dog, king of the hill, head honcho, the big kahuna, standing out above the crowd, being number one....the best.

It's about speed. It's about riding the fastest, scariest, hold-onto-your-hats-geez-I'm-gonna-wet-my-pants-best-roller-coaster ever invented.

And...it's about power. It's about harnessing the will of a thousand charging horses, having your body wrenched and twisted and tossed about by the hands of the great unseen forces; and it's about taming a blind, raging, Herculean Hemi monster and bending it to your will.

It's about the unforgettable smell of nitromethane, burning rubber, and smoldering clutch discs. It's about reaching through the steering wheel all the way down to the tires and feeling the track slipping past your fingertips.

Racing is about all of these things....and much more.

It's about passion, burning desire and insatiable hunger. It's a perverse yet overwhelming love affair with steel, fuel and rubber. It's about a relentless courtship with speed.

It's about dreams and hopes and fears. Dreams of glory; dreams of carving out a small niche in history like Prudhomme, McEwen and Garlits. Hopes. Hopes that the chutes will be there on call, as you hurtle without recourse into the unforgiving asphalt drag strip canyon. Hopes that, in the end, you'll be able to look back at the whole experience and find it worth the price, while living with the fear that it won't be.

It's about determination, perseverance, and the strength of resolve. It's about patience and discipline. It's about putting in the time, double-checking and attending to the critical details. It's about concentration and focus. It's about controlling the overpowering urges, sticking to the game plan, and keeping your head when the unthinkable happens. It's about testing, and measuring, and worrying and sweating the small stuff.

It's about faith; faith in yourself, in your crew, in your fellow competitors, in your creator, and in the men and women who built this car, these tires, and this track.

It's about deep and lasting respect, caring, and friendships, about sharing joys and disappointments, pitching in, and easing the load.

It's about living life on the cutting edge of a razor, hanging it all out there, going for broke. It's about knowing, without a doubt, that you're alive. It's about putting your heart and soul into something and letting the whole world see what you can do. It's about knowing that in the midst of the confusion and emotion and heart-stopping action, you were a part of something that mattered.
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